Joshua Daniel graduated from Mercy College with a BFA in Computer Arts and Design and has been working in art ever since. He grew up on Cartoons, action figures and old radio shows.  He’s worked on computer games, animation and made a number of his own comics. In 2011, he was working on 4 separate comics simultaneously. Noir is his favorite genre and comics is one of his favorite mediums(He still works on boardgames, and animations).  Other than this comic, he has a movie review site called Sketched Screenings, and is a character artist for Digital Bad Boy Studios.  You can visit his website for more of his portfolio work, check out his blog to see what he’s currently working on, support him financially on Patreon, or follow him on twitter for daily, hourly and minutely updates.

Need to get in touch? Email me at thenoirguy (at) gmail (dot) com.