Itching for more noir comics? Check out these illustrated tales of murder and mystery!  I whole-heartedly give them my noir recommendation!

Coperincus JonesA bi-weekly webcomic about a robot detective by Matt Wilson and Daniel Butler.

Trench Coat SamuraiA bi-weekly webcomic about a wandering samurai with a dark past by Adam Markiewicz.

Noir: A Collection of Crime ComicsA great little collection of lurid stories from such creators as Ed Brubaker, Dean Motter, and M.K.Perker.

Black CherryA funny and crazy story about a thug caught in a weird situation involving aliens and demons, beautifully illustrated by the great Doug Tennapel.

Terminal CityAlmost more pulp and sci-fi than noir, but we’ll let it slide since it’s filled with witty dialogue and a wonderful graphic look from Dean Motter.

Term LifeA messy tale of a father trying to do right by his estranged daughter before he takes his final nap, by AJ Lieberman and Nick Thornborrow.

TumorA detective story with a twist, the detective has a tumor and can’t tell dream from reality as he shifts from the past to the present,and has a great varying visual style! From Joshua Hale Fialkov and Noel Tuazon.

Liar’s KissA classic noir graphic novel with a beautiful sketchy art style and a story that takes all your pre-conceived notions of the detective noir and flips it on its head.

The DamnedThis tale of weird noir is about a detective who can’t stay dead, no matter how hard he tries, and who has to keep gangs of demons from breaking out in an all-out war! From Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt.

You Have Killed MeThis is a classic detective noir. It’s what you think of when you think noir.  From Jamie Rich and Joelle Jones.

Mr. Murder is DeadAn odd tale of an aging detective, drawn as though it were classic DIck Tracy pulp comic, but it’s anything but classy. From Victor Quinaz and Brent Schooner.

BrownsvilleMore gangster than noir, but still a great read with beautiful linework, this tells the tale of the real Jewish gangsters. From Neil Klied and Jake Allen.

The NevermenNoir mixed with Pulp heroes mixed with eldritch horrors mixed with robotic contraptions, from Guy Davis and Phil Amara.

The Insomnia CafeA strange tale about an insomniac on the run from a gangster, drawn with wild caricatures from M. K. Perker.

Astro City: The Tarnished AngelFrom the great the great Astro City series from Kurt Busiek comes this tale of a retired super-thug trying to solve the disappearance of his fellow supervillains!

Sandman Mystery TheaterThis is a drastic new re-imaging of the classic DC superhero, the Sandman, from Matt Wagner and Guy Davis.

Hothead BruiserNot a comic, but a noir radioshow, a sci-fi future-noir audio drama to be exact! I used to listen to old noir, horror and mystery radioshows and this is fantastic that they’re keeping it alive! And you can listen to it for free on your smart phone device.

Got a noir webcomic or graphic novel that I missed? Let me know about it!