WHNDbannerWhat’s Her Name Dammit?! – 8 Pages-An illustrated interpretation of a poem about the circumstances of a dead man.

ASGbannerA Season’s Greeting – 4 pages-A man has a problem with a clerk who says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”.

TBGbannerThe Big Grief – 24 pages-Ryan is gamer who never wins, and this competition may be his last chance. His friends are counting on that losing streak, as they’ve just made a deal with a gangster that he’ll throw the fight…without telling Ryan! If he loses, he loses, and if he wins he loses!

TWGbannerThe Wrong Girl – 30 pages-Vince has always had problems dating the wrong type of girl. He thought he was safe when he dated a nice girl like Mary, until he finds out she has a fiery sister named Jane. Between the good girl and the bad girl, which one will he choose?

SYNObannerStick Your Neck Out – 10 pages-A turtle tries to cross the road. Will they make it?

TVbannerTunnel Vision – 9 pages-A woman walking home from the subway has to walk down a long tunnel and thinks she’s being followed by someone.

RSPSbannerRock, Scissors, Paper, SHOOT! – 24 pages-Roxy wants to kill Scits, Scits wants to kill Pam, and Pam wants to kill Roxy! They all blame the other for a bitched robbery. Who will win in this dangerous game, and who will be crushed, cut or smothered?

AAAALbannerJustice Jones in: An Arm and a Leg – 12 pages-Justice Jones helps a war vet get their arm back from a sleazy gangster!


Art Among Thieves 6 pages-2 groups of art thieves steal a painting from one another. Who will wind up with it in the end?


Tools of the Trade – 10 pages-a man thinks he’s found the perfect brush to make his art, and then everything goes horribly wrong.