Finally finished page 2 of this story! This took longer than I thought because I did it a completely different way than I thought I was going to do and basically inked it twice. Also I might re-ink the first page. And by might I mean I already started and will go back to it after i’ve uploaded this. Or maybe I’ll go back to the previous style I’m not sure, everything is in a bit of flux up to this point. I’m going to do a bunch of pages over the weekend and see.

So here’s how I’m going to start doing things with Dime-Store Noir. I’m going to do a bunch of longer-form but in quicker and messier styles on this site in regular updates, but then I’m going to do shorter but high-quality styles with color and such and sell those online and in print form. I’ve already started working on the first of these and I’ll let you know when and where I’ll start selling them.

Also, I hope you enjoy this storyline so far! Whew. See you next week!